NYC L Train Shutdown, UberPool Lowers Prices to $2.75

Image: Uber

Last month I wrote about Uber offering a very nice deal for stranded L train passengers in New York City.

Due to the MTA shutting down the L train for 5 weekends, Uber  has been offering $5 flat rate UberPool rides along the line from NYC to Williamsburg in Brooklyn during these dates.

Uber says that “thousands of people have taken advantage of $5 UberPool flat rates between Williamsburg and Manhattan“.

Uber will be trying to help out even more for the final two weekends of the L line shutdown by lowering the rates!  The rates are being lowered “to ensure you can get where you need, when you need“. Pretty noble of Uber isn’t it…


Flat rate UberPool rides will cost just $2.75 for the final two weekends. The new pricing started last night, May 8 and will go through May 18. (Weekends start on Fridays at 11:30 pm and end on Mondays at 5 am.)

Here is another cool perk of riding UberPool from Manhattan to Williamsburg.

If you show the receipt from your ride at The Meatball Shop in Williamsburg you’ll get a free ice cream sandwich with purchase. I’ve dined at this location and have to say that the food was awesome and I’d highly recommend giving it a try.

Find out more about Uber’s new $2.75 flat rate rides along the L line here.

If any of you happen to not already have an Uber account:

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3 thoughts on “NYC L Train Shutdown, UberPool Lowers Prices to $2.75

  1. Brian Cohen- The few times I’ve taken the L from NYC- Williamsburg or the opposite way, it was fine… I’m pretty sure I once took it from Manhattan to Canarsie with a friend and that was a painful ride!

    Tom- I haven’t used UberPool but I’d assume that you still pay the special rate for this route. I am really not sure if it would be an option on others…

  2. How does Uberpool work if they don’t find another passenger to pick up? Do you get charged the full ride? Is this at the driver’s discretion?

  3. This is more attention which I have seen the L train receive than throughout its entire history.

    It always seemed to be the “stepchild” of the New York City subway system…

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