MLB Baseball Stadiums Ranked By Food

MLB Baseball Stadiums
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When it comes to sports, baseball is my clear-cut favorite. I’m loyal through good and bad to my favorite team, the New York Mets.

I try to go to a few games every year. Even if the team isn’t doing well, I know that I’ll be visiting a beautiful stadium that has some awesome food options.

Each year l try to visit stadiums of teams that I haven’t been to before. Some of the stadiums have also been great places to try out some tasty food options.

Here are my top 3 favorite dining options at MLB parks (that I’ve visited):

  • Citi Field- New York Mets: I have to grab Shake Shack every time I go to a game. Other stand out options are Blue Smoke, the fries at Box Frites and a variety of food options from famed butcher Pat LaFrieda. I’m also looking to try out the new grilled cheese stand called Pressed by Chef Josh Capon.
  • Turner Field- Atlanta Braves: Besides having one of my favorite fast food chains, Chic-fil-A, there’s also a Waffle House stand. I didn’t try out either of these stands since the amazing Holeman & Finch has a few stands selling their burger called H&F Burger. It’s pretty close to the version at the restaurant and worth the wait.
  • Target Field- Minnesota Twins: There were lots of good options here so we had some tough decisions to make. During our visit I had a delicious and odd goat & lamb burger from Andrew Zimmern’s AZ Canteen. I’ve heard that the Minnesota State Fair is the best of the bunch so we had to try something at the State Fair Classics stand. I remember sharing a fish sandwich which was very good and I’m pretty sure we also had cheese curds. Check out my recap of our visit to MN.

Thrillist took the time to compile a list of Every Major League Baseball Stadium, Ranked By Its Food & Drink.

I was very curious to see how my home park ranked along with my other top picks. While Thrillist ranked all 30 teams, I’ll just list their Top 5.

Here is Thrillist’s Top 5 baseball stadiums for food & drink:

  1. Safeco Field- Seattle Mariners
  2. AT&T Park- San Francisco Giants
  3. Citi Field- NY Mets
  4. Petco Park- San Diego Padres
  5. Target Field- Minnesota Twins

It looks like my choices were pretty good with two of my favorites cracking the Top 5. My other pick, Turner Field ranked 15th on Thrillist’s list.

If you’re a baseball fan or even just like to visit different ballparks, which ones would you choose for having the best food options?

Check out Thrillist’s articles about MLB stadiums ranked by food & drink here.

3 thoughts on “MLB Baseball Stadiums Ranked By Food

  1. Rick I- That sounds pretty awesome! My plan is to get to every MLB stadium eventually! I’ll definitely put the chicken & waffles on my list of ballpark foods to try!

    And thanks, definitely looking forward to the pull!

    Antignos- I can only judge what I’ve tried. I definitely need to make it to Safeco.

  2. I’ve been fortunate enough to see every major league ballpark on a two year stint using miles and points. It was a logistics blast to match award seats, stopovers and one ways along with free hotel nights with the MLB schedule.

    I considered it all ballpark food but think my favorite was the chicken waffle at then Jacobs Field in Cleveland.

    BTW, congrats on the airplane pull, all for a good cause

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