Amazing! Sea Fort Becomes Lux Hotel

Amazing Hotels

This has got to be one of the more interesting and amazing hotels that I’ve come across in a while and one that I’d love to stay at if it was in my budget…

How would you like to spend a night in a converted 1800’s fort over one mile out to sea?

If this sounds like an interesting idea, you might think twice when you hear about the price it costs to stay at this converted fort in England from Amazing Venues.

The No Man’s Fort will open this week. The fort features 22 suites starting at $670 per night with the lighthouse suite costing a whopping $1,700 per night!

Amazing Hotels
Lighthouse Suite

I came across this new hotel option in an article from Curbed.

Curbed mentions that “In the late 1800s, England built a series of sea forts in the Solent strait to defend its southern coast against French invasion. In recent years, these structures erected on large chunks of granite have been snatched up by U.K. company AmaZing Venues, who’s been turning them into luxury hotels“.

The first converted fort opened in 2012 with eight rooms.

Amazing Hotels Amazing Hotels Amazing Hotels

No Man’s Fort can be reached by boat or helicopter. Two heliports are located on the fort. For the prices they are charging per night I’d hope that transportation is provided but I somehow doubt it is…

The hotel has four floors with shops, restaurants, a night club, laser-tag arena, hot tubs, BBQ area and rooftop miniature golf!

Talk about one of the more amazing hotels to stay at! Anybody interested?

Find out more from Curbed here.

Images in post from AmaZing Venues.

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