Extreme Disney Travel: Couple Visits 3 Castles, 3 Coasts in 1 Day

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I never thought that I’d be putting the words Disney and extreme travel together in the same sentence but that’s exactly what it sounds like one couple did on Valentine’s Day.

Extreme Disney Travel…

Kim, Lucas and I recently visited Disney in Orlando, Florida and it was a very long and tiring day. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what it must be like to visit multiple Disney parks on different coasts!

Every year Michael and Diane Greening head over to Disneyland in California for their wedding anniversary on January 17. However, for 2015 they wanted to do something different. They decided to up the ante and visit three different Disney parks on three coasts.

They originally decided on changing Disney locations and tried to choose one park from either Tokyo Disneyland or Disney World. When they couldn’t make a decision Michael suggested heading to both parks while also including a stop at Disneyland.

In order to make this crazy plan happen, they needed Disney World in Orlando to be open until midnight. Their anniversary date of January 17 didn’t work due to this so they decided to go for it on Valentine’s Day.

Here is how the day went:

Their first stop was Tokyo Disneyland at 9:50 AM where they took a photo and then headed to the airport for the 10 hour flight to L.A. They arrived around noon, took a photo at Disneyland and then headed over to Orange County Airport. The couple missed their flight to Orlando but they got booked on another flight, making up 30 minutes of time.

They made it into Disney World at 11:40 PM, taking their photo 20 minutes before their deadline and the park closing.

In all, the Greenings traveled for 28 hours and 7,900 miles visiting Disney parks in Tokyo, Anaheim and Orlando. It doesn’t sound like they did much more than take a photo at each park but they visited.

I just want to know if they had to pay entry fees at each park! If so, this was one pricey Valentine’s Day with not much more than a few photos to show for it…

Find out more from the Daily News here.

6 thoughts on “Extreme Disney Travel: Couple Visits 3 Castles, 3 Coasts in 1 Day

  1. How long will it take them to realize this was a waste of money and they need to get a life? People are too freaking obsessed with Disney. The characters are short people in what are essentially sleeping bags, get over it!

  2. Yay?!?! I love Disney and this is appalling. To fly all the way to each park and not have time to go on a single ride??? That would be torture.

  3. Christina- Funny! I had said to Kim that they should’ve at least went on one ride to at least make each visit a bit more legit but this is what the couple wanted to do…

  4. I went to all five worldwide parks in one year (20th anniversary). It was fun. We liked it so much we kept doing it for several more years. We actually had annual passes everywhere except Tokyo. I dropped my California pass and quit going to Paris Disney last year…I don’t like the other park goers at those places.

    I love that people love Disney….keep that stock climbing:) Shanghai Disney here we come when you finally do open.

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