American Airlines Honors Past With New Amenity Kits

american airline
from American Way

The rare times that we fly premium cabins, I’m always excited to check out the amenity kit that is given out by the airline.

I love how the amenity kits can be unique in style and with the products that come inside. Some kits are even intended to be used after/ repurposed. (As an example: When we flew home from Japan a couple of summers back, Kim and I got American Airlines First Class kits which are meant to be used as an iPad case.)

After getting stuck in Orlando due to an upcoming storm which hit the NYC area and many other places, we finally made it home yesterday, in the late afternoon.

One minor positive was that we got seated in Economy Comfort again which made our flight a bit more comfortable.

While skimming through the inflight magazine, American Way, I came across a small article with the title “Honoring Our Past”.

It turns out that American is “launching a new line of amenity kits” to honor their heritage. The new kits will honor their nine legacy carriers.

american airline
Blurry photo of kits

The new, limited-edition kits will be given out in international Business Class and transcontinental First Class.

The kits can be used as mini-tablet holders and will include “socks, eye mask, earplugs and all-natural Red Flower cosmetics”. In addition, international kits will include a pen, Scope mouthwash and Bose headset covers.

Based on the small image I saw of these kits, I’d love to get one to add to my amenity kit collection. Too bad I won’t be flying international Business or transcontinental First any time in the near future…

If you’re interested in finding out some more info about the American Airlines #OurHeritage amenity kits, check out this write-up from View From the Wing.

What do you think about airline amenity kits? Cool and useful collectible or are they something you don’t really care much about or use? I reuse may of mine for plugs and other small items when flying.

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