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Kim, Lucas and I got back from a really fun trip to Jamaica just in time to be home for New Year’s. The island really impressed us more than we had expected. Definitely a good thing and great way to end our year in regards to travel.

Trip planning is in full swing around here. We currently have flights booked for 4 trips in 2015 including one we booked during the best flight connection ever.

The way things are shaping up, 2015 might see us taking fewer trips but we’ll be traveling further distances than in 2014. Definitely an interesting balance…

How is your trip planning coming along for the new year?

Now it’s time for a look back at some posts from this past week in a recap that I like to call The Rehash!

Here is a great way to pop the big question. Find out about a “mile high” proposal.

With 2014 becoming a distant memory, it was time for many sites to look back at the year. Here are the 10 most tagged destinations on Instagram in 2014  and 2014’s most popular destinations according to Facebook.

Have you ever heard about any of these Bizarre New Year’s Eve traditions from around the world?

Looking for some ideas of where to go this year? Check out Fodor’s Places To Go List 2015

Are these the 10 Worst Tourist Traps in America?

If you booked a flight like I mentioned above during my best flight connection ever, then here is some useful information. If you’re Flying Etihad to Abu Dhabi? Get a free ride to…

It still appears that some people don’t listen to the warnings to BEWARE: Uber surge pricing tonight, New Year’s Eve. I will say that Uber did put out loads of warnings about surge pricing for what’s probably the busiest night of the year. It made me wonder- should riders be annoyed from surge pricing on NYE?

This is just tragic: Shanghai New Year’s Eve tragedy, 35 killed, 43 injured

I’m always asked how we travel so much. My friends are often surprised when we are home. Others wonder if I am really a secret agent. Most of them don’t want to listen to the gospel of credit card churning. Here are the miles and points I earned from credit card bonuses in 2014.

This is pretty neat if you have loads of money to blow. If you’ve got $10 million to spare? Elvis Presley’s planes up for auction.

Find out about the countries that drink the most. I wonder how productive the people are in some of these countries…

I’d like to wish everyone a healthy and happy 2015. Make sure to keep checking back daily for new posts here at Michael W Travels.

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Have a great week!

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