Odd 3X Miles Offer On American Airlines Citi Card

American Airlines Citi Card

Here is an odd e-mail offer that I received from CitiCards…

Earlier in the month I turned down a Citi American Airlines Amex retention offer and went ahead and closed my account.

Besides waiting on a refund from the card, I thought I was completely done with this account.

Then last night I received an e-mail with an offer from  CitiCards where I could earn 3X bonus miles in specific categories.

American Airlines Citi Card

While I’m currently working on finishing the minimum spend for another credit card, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to register for the 3X miles offer. I figured that I could probably earn the bonus at some point since I had until 3/31/15.

I assumed the offer was good for the Citi AAdvantage Platinum Select which I received back in November.

I then grabbed my newest American Airlines Citi card just to make sure that the offer was good for this card and not one of my Citi Executive cards. I flipped it over just to see that this offer was not for the card I had thought!

So which card was the offer for? Since I was sitting in the room where I kept my credit cards not currently being used (as well as my cancelled cards), I took out the Amex card that I had cancelled last month.

Well go figure, this 3X miles offer was valid for my closed Citi AA Amex card!

This has got to rank up there are one of the stranger offers that I’ve been e-mailed from an airline recently!

3 thoughts on “Odd 3X Miles Offer On American Airlines Citi Card

  1. Ben- These offers are randomly offered throughout the year. I found it really odd to receive the offer for a card I cancelled earlier in the month! Maybe the offer was already being planned prior to my cancellation… I also have not received any special offers on my Exec cards.

    Scott- The offer in itself is not weird, like I said above, it just is since this card was cancelled.

  2. It’s not so weird, I think, because the offer exactly matches one I received for my us airways card a week or more ago. Seems like Citi is just matching Barclays right note until the merger.

  3. I accepted the retention offer for my AA Citi Platinum Visa last week, then received this offer yesterday for that card. I have AA Citi Executive MC and have not received an offer for that one… maybe the retention offer is related?

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