Cheers! New Beers Offered On Southwest

southwest flight
image: Nuts About Southwest

I recently wrote about Delta adding more in-flight craft beer options and now another airline is adding to a couple of new brews to their inflight selection.

If beer is your drink of choice, you’ll probably be happy to see a couple of more options to choose from once you are done going through Southwest’s boarding process and have chosen your seat.

On our recent Southwest flights we noticed how they were now serving honey roasted peanuts.

According to the airline’s blog Nuts About Southwest, beer goes really well with honey roasted peanuts so they are “now stocking Leinenkugel’s seasonal craft beers and Dos Equis Special Lager onboard our flights“.

Now I wouldn’t exactly consider Dos Equis or Leinenkugel a craft beer like the options Delta now offers, but they are a couple of new, decent options.

Mike Hafner, VP Cabin Services said “Dos Equis is the perfect beer to complement our new international service, and Customers will be able to sit back and enjoy Leinenkugel’s seasonal offerings“.

With Southwest now flying to Mexico and the Caribbean, I like the idea of adding Dos Equis although I would’ve preferred to see Red Stripe as an option!

(I happen to be an infrequent drinker when I fly. When drinks are included I might have a beer or two, otherwise I stick with water or ginger ale.)

Purchasing a beer on a Southwest flight costs $5, a pretty fair price if you ask me.

Southwest’s Inflight Beer Offerings:

southwest flight
image: Nuts About Southwest

Leinenkugel will rotate seasonally:

  • Snowdrift Vanilla Porter-  For the colder months
  • Summer Shandy- In warmer months
  • Oktoberfest-  In the fall

What do you think of Southwest’s new inflight beer options?

Dos Equis is an ok beer and there is a Leinenkugel that we’ve enjoyed in the past although I forgot which one it was.(I know that I do not care for their Summer Shandy though.)

Find out more about Southwest’s new inflight beer options here.

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