American Praises North Korea, Being Deported From S. Korea

North and South Korea
image: Yahoo

An American woman was giving a lecture in South Korea  and committed a big no-no, she said positive things about North Korea and is now being deported.

I don’t know what’s going on, but it sure does seem that ridiculous news stories keep coming out of the Koreas.

Over the past couple of months we had Korean Air’s Nutty former-executive all over the news and due North Korea we had The Interview making headlines. (Check for links below to some of these stories.)

So what were the awful things that the American, Shin Eun-mi said?

During a lecture on November given in Seoul, Shin mentioned that she was told by North Korean defectors living in South Korea that they want to go back home. She also mentioned how North Koreans hoped leader Kim Jong Un would bring change.

Here is my favorite part, according to ABC News, “She also praised the taste of North Korean beer and the cleanliness of North Korea’s rivers”.

Due to making these comments, the Korean Immigration Service decided to deport Shin after prosecutors determined that her comments violated South Korea’s National Security Law according to ABC News. Under the law, in South Korea, if you praise N. Korea the punishment could be 7 years in prison.

I can’t believe that she praised the taste of North Korean beer. That sure does sound like a big security risk.

Shin said that “she had no intention of praising the country and was only expressing what she felt during her travels there”.

The article goes on to state that the case is viewed by critics as infringing on the country’s freedom of speech.

Shin hopes to return to both Koreas in the future.

Find out more from ABC News here.

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