Stupidest Reason To Get Kicked Off Flight, Watch The Interview NOW, North Korea Called Obama WHAT?, Best Flight Connection Ever & More- The Rehash


This has been  a pretty exciting last week of the year when it comes to travel.

We’re currently on our last trip of the year in Jamaica! While we were on the way here from New York, I ended up booking a flight for a trip that we’ll be going on later in the year! Pretty fun stuff…

As 2014 is coming to a close , flights for the majority of our 2015 travels are already in place! Booking the flights are usually the easy part, deciding on itineraries and choosing accommodations tend to be the harder part of travel (though still a lot of fun).

I hope that you all had a great year and got to visit lots of new and exciting places!

Now it’s time for a look back at some of this past week’s posts in a recap that I like to call The Rehash!

I’ve been waiting for a good bonus transfer option to come along and have been wondering, should I transfer my Amex points to BA?

Check out Blue Smoke’s inflight Delta menu & my picks. I’d love to sample these new inflight options but don’t see myself flying Delta Business Class any time in the near future.

This sounds like a really great and useful option. Now you can check your coat at JetBlue’s T5Would you consider this option if headed to a warm weather destination in the winter?

Free Points Alert: Make sure to get the Virgin America Holiday Bonus: 500 FREE Elevate Points.

After checking out Avianca’s Happy Holidays video, I wasn’t sure what was going on and asked if somebody could translate.

Did I receive a Chase Sapphire Preferred retention offer?

After the whole controversy going on with North Korea and movies, you can now Watch The Interview Online NOW! Speaking of computer hacking, North Korea blames US for internet shut down, calls Obama WHAT?

Here are the booking details for our current trip- Trip Planning: $895.80 + 72,580 points= Trip for 3 to Jamaica.

This was really cool and it would be awesome to hear even more hotels doing this- Hyatt surprises 200 guests around world with holiday gifts.

This has got to be the stupidest reason for getting kicked off flight.

And I leave you with what I feel might just be the best flight  connection ever.

That’s all for this week’s rehash. Don’t forget to keep checking back for more posts at Michael W Travels. Be safe during your travels during this holiday season.

Oh, and an early Happy New Year!

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