Spend A Night In One of These Unique Airbnb Options

unique airbnbWhen it comes to picking where to stay, the options can be limitless…

Our options can range from hostels to basic hotels to luxury. Then there are the more unique places to stay- tree houses, ice hotels, hotels housed in former prisons. You get the idea.

These days it’s not so odd to stay in someone else’s home with sites like CouchSurfing (I’ve never tried it) and Airbnb (a personal favorite). 

Kim, Lucas and I have used Airbnb a handful of times and had overall positive experiences. Included in our stays were great conversations with locals along with some good local tips. Staying in someone’s home can feel odd in some ways, but our Airbnb stays have been pretty good travel memories. (Check out my review of our first time using Airbnb here.)

Airbnb has offered some interesting special promos to stay in places like Ikea and recently offered a chance to win a trip to stay on a KLM Airplane Apartment. (Check out a video of how the winner’s airplane stay went here.)

unique airbnb
image: Airbnb/ KLM

In an e-mail that I received from Airbnb about the KLM contest winners, they also mentioned offering other interesting places to stay. When thinking of unique Airbnb options, did you know that you could stay in planes, tree houses, igloos and private islands. Pretty cool, right?

You can read about some of these kind of unique and interesting options here.

I headed on over to Airbnb to explore more of their interesting accommodation options they offer.

Rather than write an overly long list of individual places you can book, here are some links to the pages of unique accommodations you can spend a night at.

unique airbnb
One of my fav options (image: Airbnb)

Here are some of my favorite unique Airbnb options:

What’s the oddest or most interesting place that you’ve stayed during your travels? I can’t think of any really unique places that we’ve stayed besides a stone hotel in Cappadocia, Turkey or some funky hostels.

Find out about other not-so-typical rental options from Airbnb here.

If you haven’t used Airbnb before: Consider signing up for an account using my link. You’ll receive a $25 credit towards your stay and I will earn a $25 credit after your stay is completed.

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