Nuts! Korean Air Pressured Employees To Lie, To Be Sanctioned

Korean Air
image: Aero-Shots

Late last night I came across an article on ABC News (from the Associated Press) which had some new information about Korean Air’s Nutty situation which took place last week.

According to the article, “South Korea’s transport ministry said Korean Air Lines Co. will face sanctions for pressuring employees to lie during a government probe” into the nutty events that took place at JFK.

For those of you unfamiliar with what took place, you can find out many of the important details in some recent posts:

The transport ministry will look into seeing if the airline’s corporate culture poses safety risks. The airline “could face up to 21 days of flight suspensions or a $1.3 million fine for violating aviation laws”.

Imagine all of the problems caused all due to some stinkin’ nuts! (OK maybe it’s not fair to blame macadamia nuts for the problems…)

Heather Cho, the former VP of Korean Air that caused the incident may face legal charges of her own. The transport ministry’s investigators found that she “used abusive language to flight attendants but could not ascertain if she used violence.” A complaint was to be filed against Cho.

Park Chang-jin, the chief flight attendant removed from the flight stated that “Cho shamed and insulted crew members”. A first class passenger told a local news agency that “Cho yelled at flight attendants who kneeled before her, pushed one flight attendant’s shoulder and threw an object at the cabin wall“.

This story has become so ridiculous that it might have the makings of a good movie, soap opera or musical. How does Nuts, Planes & Lies sound?

Find out more about the story from ABC News HERE.

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