500 Elevate Points: Virgin America Birthday Gift

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Earlier today I wrote about a very nice birthday message from Lufthansa. While the airline didn’t shower me with any gifts like free miles or a First Class Terminal Duck, their message still brought a smile to my face!

I thought I was done receiving birthday messages to my e-mail inbox until I received a nice message from my friend, Sir Richard Branson.

OK, the message was really from Virgin America, but Branson’s likeness was included in an image in the e-mail.

According the e-mail: “Word on the street is, today is your birthday! We wanted to give you a little something we know you won’t have to exchange for a smaller size. We’ll be putting 500 Elevate points right into your account, no unwrapping or confetti involved. Celebrate with a trip on us; these birthday points are all yours”.

Awarding 500 points as a little birthday gift is a very nice gesture although I wouldn’t call it a free trip like the e-mail implied. It sure would’ve been amazing if Virgin America wanted to treat me to a flight from NYC- LA for my birthday!

To get the points I needed to hit a “Claim My Points” link which brought me to page with the image of Sir Richard doing a little dance!

I took a couple of screen captures of Branson’s dance moves since there wasn’t a way to add the dance to the post.

virgin america airlines virgin america airlinesI was also informed that I did indeed claim my points but they can take up to 3 weeks to post to my account.

500 free Elevate Points is a very nice gesture from Richard Branson and Virgin America. Thanks too for the birthday dance!

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