Lufthansa, Thanks For the B-Day Wish!

Happy Birthday emailEach year I receive loads of different birthday e-mails from restaurants, stores and travel-related companies.

Some of them offer some sort of deal- a free meal or dish with purchase, a discount on a purchase etc…

Others just send a creative birthday greeting, which is a nice gesture and can also be pretty cool…

This year one such happy birthday email stood out.

Lufthansa sent me a “birthday greeting from the cockpit”.

I wasn’t exactly sure what this meant so I opened up the e-mail to find out.

Happy Birthday emailI received a Flight Checklist with a birthday greeting from Captain Frank Bergmann with a link at the bottom to “get in touch now“.

When I clicked the link it led me to this page:

Happy Birthday emailThe page mentioned that the captain is calling and asked for my phone number. It also said that it was best to have your tablet or sit in front of PC with your phone.

I filled out the page with my phone number and waited for the captain’s call!

The phone rang within a second and a video played simultaneously with a message from the captain from the cockpit wishing me a happy birthday and some other pleasantries.

The best part was just before the end of the call, when the co-pilot held up this thoughtful sign!

Happy Birthday email
screen capture: Lufthansa b-day video

This was a very nice job on Lufthansa’s part to make their birthday message a bit more interactive than the average birthday e-mail message!

What’s the best e-mail you’ve received from a company wishing you a happy birthday?

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