American Air’s Lame Winter Shopping Bonus Offer

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It seems like literally every day a new shopping or dining portal bonus offer is arriving in my e-mail inbox. Too bad none of them are really so amazing.

AAdvantage eShopping sent me the latest offer last night and I’ll just say that it wasn’t very exciting although I guess you can say it’s better than nothing if you need AA miles and plan to do some shopping.

With this offer I can earn a bonus of up to 1,050 AAdvantage miles.

There is a limited time to do your shopping. To qualify for the bonus, shopping must be done by November 24.

For every $175 that you spend, 350 bonus miles will be awarded, up to 1,050 miles.

  • Spend $175-$349, earn 350 bonus miles
  • Spend $350-$524, earn 700 bonus miles
  • Spend $525 or more and earn the maximum bonus of 1,050 miles.

AAdvantage eShopping is offering a bonus of 2 miles per $ spent. I received an identical Delta SkyMiles Shopping bonus promo which offers me a bonus of 4.285 bonus miles per $ spent, a chance to earn up to 2,250 miles.

Delta reward flights are usually much pricier than American so maybe that’s the reason for the bonus discrepancy.

Did you receive this shopping offer from AAdvantage eShopping? If not you can see if you qualify for it at AAdvantage eShopping here.

2 thoughts on “American Air’s Lame Winter Shopping Bonus Offer

  1. Alohadavekennedy- Good luck with the “bumpage”! I don’t think you are missing out on a whole lot with these bonuses, although they are better than nada. You should trying using one of the bonus links and see if it works…

  2. Alas I fear we have been Scrooged for holiday spending bonus miles this year. But not all is coal as the potential for bumpage has gone up with much fuller planes.

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