JFK Airport Getting It’s Own Highline!

jetblue terminal jfk
image: from Gothamist, courtesy: JetBlue

Here is some potentially great news for New York’s JFK Airport…

Kim forwarded me an article from Gothamist that JFK might be getting a place to get some “recreating and relaxation”.

JetBlue is planning to build its own mini-Highline in the airport!

The JFK Airport mini-Highline will be located at JetBlue’s addition to Terminal 5 called 5i.

The main purpose of the 5i extension is to “give their International arrivals an in-terminal customs check-point, previously only available at Terminal 4“.

The architect of the 5i extension, Ty Osbaugh designed the terminal to allow for passengers without checked bags to “get from a plane through baggage claim and out of the terminal in just 28 minutes“. 

While everyone is usually in a hurry to get out of the airport upon arrival (unless you have access to the limited Amex Centurion Lounges), Osbaugh wants to change this and make arriving more of a celebration.

Expect the outdoor space to “includes gentle sloping ramps and sunlit passages for the bleary-eyed traveler…, provides a place inside security checkpoints to walk dogs, and they’re considering serving food and drinks. It’s a roof with some grass. It’s JUST LIKE the High Line!“.

JetBlue’s T5i extension will be opening on Wednesday, November 12. You can expect the “Highline” to open next year.

(Check out a preview of JetBlue’s 5i extenstion from the Wandering Aramean here.)

Find out more about JetBlue’s Highline in the Gothamist article here.

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7 thoughts on “JFK Airport Getting It’s Own Highline!

  1. It was the JFK lounge, at the end of the hall in JetBlue terminal, two levels, bar in the back, right? I stopped by twice; once when it first opened a few yrs ago and it was empty, and again last month when it was packed. It really did strike me as a closet. Passengers packed next to each other at the tables, luggage everywhere. Maybe if I was hungry or needed internet I’d feel differently. I stayed less than one minute and headed back to the terminal. Zip Car was doing a promo and one of the Zip Car staff asked if I’d like to participate in some game they were doing. I wound up winning a Kindle.
    I haven’t been to LAS lounge yet, but imagine it’s different/larger. Just my 2 cents.

    1. Acker- You are referring to the Airspace Lounge not a Centurion Lounge! We were there when it was empty in June. It is pretty small and I could see it easily filling up and feeling cramped. I believe it has self-serve for non-alchohol drinks and each guest is given a voucher to buy food with which was so-so. The Centurion Lounges are much nicer than the lounge you are referring to.

      Congrats on winning the Kindle!

  2. Outdoor spaces overlooking the tarmac typically smell heavily of kerosene. The little outdoor lounge at DL’s SC in JFK T4 has it bad. The *A j lounge at lax does as well.

    Not a pleasant smell.

    1. Nybanker- Guessing you mean the Sky Deck? I’ve only had the chance to visit one time- opening day. If a strong kerosene/ fuel smell is present, I would definitely not want to visit again. Has there been complaints about this?

  3. Am I the only one who thinks the Amex Centurion Lounge at JFK is cramped and unpleasant? I don’t care about the free food and internet, it reminds me of an oversized closet.

    1. Acker- I think you mean at LaGuardia. It is in a “L” shape with a long, narrow space to walk down to get to the food and bar area. However, when we were there it wasn’t so busy, the food was (in my opinion) much better than in Vegas and the staff was very friendly and welcoming. I had little complaint about the lounge. If it is very crowded, I could see problems with the space.

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