AA Dining 1,000 Bonus Miles- Targeted?

American Airlines’s AAdvantage Dining wants me to go out and try some new restaurants which are a part of their program.

If I try three new restaurants (or ones that I haven’t been to in 24 months) and spend $40 or more in each restaurant, I’ll earn 1,000 American Airlines AAdvantage miles in the New to You promo.

This sounds like a decent offer but (as usual) I feel participating restaurants close to home are ones that I don’t really want to go eat at. I also don’t see going out of my way to hunt down restaurants which participate.

According to the e-mail I received, this offer is by invitation for select AA Dining members.

To earn the bonus, I must register for it. Within 30 days of registering and no later than October 31, I’d need to dine and spend $40 (including tax & tip) at three restaurants, bars or clubs. Reviews must also be completed within 30 days of each dine.

The bonus can only be earned one time.

If I were to participate and spend the bare minimum of $120 for 3 dines this would give me a bonus of 8.333 miles per dollar. Not bad at all but I just don’t see going out of my way to dine 3 times at participating restaurants fro 1,000 miles.

Did you receive this or a similar AA Dining bonus offer?

If you didn’t receive this offer and would like to try to register for it, you can try here

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