How Will You Be Arrested On Vacation- Take the Quiz

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At home I try my best to be a law-abiding citizen and I’m happy to say that I’ve never had any legal issues.

While traveling to new places I like to think that I am always following the law but many times things are done differently. I’ve never had any legal problems while visiting a foreign country but I could see others getting caught doing something that they didn’t even know was illegal.

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Thrillist came up with a quiz to find out How will you be arrested on vacation?

The quiz is made up of 9 (silly) questions. I’m not sure how exactly these questions will help to determine how you might be arrested while on vacation but I decided to answer them in the name of (pretty much) mindless fun.

Here are a few of my favorite questions:

This is how Thrillist says I’d get arrested on vacation:

It looks like Thrillist thinks that I am a real threat to breaking the law while on vacation. Imagine the dangerous airport luggage belt sleeper! Scary stuff…

Find out how you will be arrested while on vacation by taking Thrillist’s quiz HERE.

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