What Type of Traveler Are You? Take the Quiz

a collage of people with different facial expressionsWhen it comes to travel there are many different ways to go about things. You can almost classify it as a travel style or maybe it just shows where your comfort zone is at when it comes to planning trips.

Thinking of different ways people travel, here is what comes to mind:

  • All-Inclusive resort types
  • Backpackers
  • Cruise-goers
  • Flashpackers
  • Guided Tour- takers
  • Independent Travelers
  • Staycationers
  • more….

I’ve often thought about answering the question as to what kind of traveler I am. Besides taking the odd group tour, I like to think that we are independent travelers that could best be described as flashpackers. (Similar in ways to backpackers but are older with a bigger budget etc..) I’m not even sure if the term is used anymore these days.

Kim and I just about always travel with backpacks and look for budget ways to plan our trips so we could spend more on the important things like visiting sites, trying out local foods and not feeling like we have to skimp on things too much while we are away.

While one of my favorite places to stay are at hostels, we never stay in dorms. We’ll get a private room which 95% of the time has an ensuite bathroom. With the help of points and miles we also mix in nicer places that we would never actually spend our money on.

Hostelworld came up with a quiz to determine What Type of Traveller Are You Actually?

The quiz is made up of 9 (silly) multiple choice questions where you’ll find out.

Here are a couple of my favorites:

a collage of food

a screenshot of a web pageBased on my answers, here is what I got:

a screenshot of a video gameI learned from Hostelworld that I am The Trailblazer.

This sounds pretty cool but based on the quiz questions I don’t get how they came to this conclusion!

Find out what kind of traveler you are by taking the quiz here.

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