The Most Expensive Hotel In North America Is In

Moscow, New York, Tokyo… NOPE, it’s in Tofino!

The most expensive hotel in North America is located in Tofino on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada.

I can’t say that I’ve ever heard of Tofino or looked into finding out about the most expensive hotels around the world. Based on our style of travel, we typically stay in budget accommodations, trying to spend as little as possible. (On occasion, we also like to change it up a bit at times, staying in nicer places using points.)

Would you believe that at the most expensive hotel in North America you don’t even sleep in a room! You sleep in tents, luxury tents that is.

According to Curbed, staying at the Clayoquot Wilderness Resort will set you back $3,681 per night. They also mentioned that the “hotel was also the backdrop to Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson’s wedding” back in 2008.

Besides ranking as the most expensive hotel in North America, Clayoquot Wilderness Resort also ranks as the 8th most expensive place to stay in the world!

There wasn’t a lot of other info given in the article from Curbed so I headed over to Clayoquot’s site.

Here are a few photos of the property:

What’s the most expensive hotel that you’ve paid to stay in and around what did you pay?

For us, nothing really stands out. I don’t think that we’ve ever paid $200+ per night ¬†for any hotel. My guess for priciest hotel stay would have to be the Moorea Pearl Resort. I’m pretty sure that we paid in the $160-$170 range.

Check out the article from Curbed here.

(All images from Clayoquot Wilderness Resort)

6 thoughts on “The Most Expensive Hotel In North America Is In

  1. Most expensive for me was the tu tu tun lodge in Oregon, it was about 250 a night but worth ever penny

  2. About $200 a night I think has been the highest. I may have paid a little bit more on business travel where I had no choice of dates or location.

    I don’t know why anyone would pay so much for any room, even a tent.

  3. John- Glad that you enjoyed it!

    DaninSTL- When it comes to a business trip out of your control, I wouldn’t count that! I totally agree & would much rather save $$$ on the hotel

    Guilherme- Wow $400. Worth it?

    Jim- It was a joke. Obviously we know that Moscow & Tokyo arent in N.A.!

    Jason- Hope is was really awesome. That is a lot of $$$!

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