JetBlue Helps Domestic Flight Prices Drop by 50%

jetblue logo

 I came across a very interesting article from the Huffington Post. According to the article, JetBlue seems to be a really helpful airline and really good for us, the consumer.

When JetBlue starts flying a domestic route, ticket prices on that route drop by 50% on average.

The information found for this research was compiled by travel research company Hopper. You can check out their findings about JetBlue impacting domestic routes here.

Hopper says that it isn’t really unusual for prices to drop when new competition enters a market but when the airline is JetBlue, prices drop much more than other airlines.

Other airlines that most cause prices to drop when entering a domestic market are Spirit, Frontier, Alaska and Sun Country Airlines.

When it comes to international routes, JetBlue doesn’t have the greatest impact on prices.  US Airways is the winner here, causing prices to drop by around 12%. The funny thing is, they cause an increase on domestic flights!

Find out more about how JetBlue causes prices to drop on domestic flights HERE.

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