Boston Marathon Victims Connect On French River Cruise

Image from Esquire

With the 2014 Boston Marathon ending without incident and an American winning for the first time since 1983 it was a great comeback for the race which was struck by terror just a year back.

In 2013 many lives were affected by the cowardly bombings which occurred at the finish line. Three people lost their lives and hundreds were injured but most seemed to come out of the situation in good spirits.

I came across an amazing article in Esquire back in January that I wanted to wait to share until after the 2014 Boston Marathon took place.

The article, The Way Back is about “An extraordinary journey down a river in France, with 114 victims of the Boston Marathon bombing.”

The cruise brought together 114 survivors, first responders & family members on an all expenses paid Boston’s Heroes cruise through French wine country. The cruise was organized by Boston-based Vantage Deluxe World Travel and took place back in December.

Boston marathon hero Carlos Arredondo had been on a Vantage cruise for wounded American soldiers and families of the fallen. He had become friends with Vantage’s owner Hank Lewis. When Lewis and his wife saw Carlos on TV during the marathon coverage, they wanted to do something and thought of the idea of the heroes cruise.

The article focuses on various individuals and family members affected by the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings. It shows how bonds and relationships were made as well as how many dealing with the situation.

Rather than recap the stories from the article, I think it would be best for you to find out for yourself. Check out the Esquire article “The Way Back” here.

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