America’s Coolest Breweries


When it comes to adult beverages, beer is usually my drink of choice.

Over the years beer has played an important role in many of my trips. I’ve visited and taken tours of quite a few breweries and have also had few beercenteric trips.

My first brewery tour was in Glasgow, Scotland at Tennent’s around 12-13 years ago  and my most recent one was in Korca, Albania this past summer. In between, I’ve visited breweries in many countries and all around the U.S.

When it comes to trips centered around beer, 3 of them come to mind.

  1. During my first trip to Germany, my brother and I visited Munich and Cologne. During this trip we ate dinner every night at a different brewery’s restaurant. We also visited other brew pubs during the day while doing our sightseeing.
  2. On a quick trip to Belgium we got to take a self-guided brewery tour in Brussels and also visited a small brewery in Ghent. We also visited some well-known bars and sampled dozens of beers from the country. Check out this post about an impromptu Beer Tasting in Bruges.
  3. In September 2013 we headed to Germany mainly to (finally) get to experience Oktoberfest. We all had an incredible time, drank a lot of beer and I still need to write about it one of these days. Find out What We Did During An 8 Hour Layover In Frankfurt to prepare for Oktoberfest.

Travel + Leisure came up with a slideshow in October 2013 featuring America’s Coolest Breweries.

According to T+L, these breweries are on a mission to share their passion for quality craft beer and foster community.

Check out which breweries were included:

  1. Golden Road Brewing- Los Angeles
  2. Taos Mesa Brewing- Taos, New Mexico
  3. Monday Night Brewing- Atlanta
  4. Cascade Brewing Company- Portland, OR
  5. Three Floyds- Munster, IN
  6. Stone Brewing Company- Escondido, CA
  7. Brewery Ommegang- Cooperstown, NY
  8. Great Lakes Brewing- Cleveland
  9. Wynkoop Brewing Company- Denver
  10. Asheville Brewing Company- NC
  11. Kennebec River Pub & Brewery- ME
  12. Arcadia Ales- Battle Creek, MI
  13. Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats- Rehoboth Beach, DE

After looking over the slideshow, it turns out that I’ve only been to one of them. I visited Brewery Ommegang a few years back and I’d consider it to be one of my favorite breweries.

Thanks to T+L I also plan to visit another brewery from this list- Monday Night Brewing when we visit Atlanta in May.

Do you visit breweries when traveling? If so, what are some of your favorites?

Find out about each of the breweries from T+L by checking out their slideshow HERE.

2 thoughts on “America’s Coolest Breweries

  1. While you’re here in Atlanta to visit Monday Night , you should check out Second Self, the new, but highly talked about kid on the block. They’re opening in that same area as Monday Night is located. Not sure they’ll be opened yet in May, but I’ve had some samples and can definitely see why the craft beer scene is abuzz.

    A lot of craft breweries in the area, though, so you can definitely check out a handful here in just one visit.

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