“Like” MileagePlus Cards on Facebook For Special Offers

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During Super Bowl weekend in NYC Chase sponsored a Big Game Week VIP Lounge in Times Square at Guy Fieri’s restaurant. There were free events at the lounge as well as exclusive ones for a fee. The lounge was open exclusively to Chase United MileagePlus cardholders and their guests. (If you’re interested in finding out more about what was offered, check out this post from Mommy Points.)

I had initially heard about the lounge in an e-mail from Chase but decided against making a special trip into Manhattan to visit. Either way it sounded like a nice little perk being offered.

A couple of days back I received an e-mail from MileagePlus Partner. The subject was “Get insider travel information and more: Like us on Facebook”.

After checking out the e-mail, thoughts of the Big Game Week VIP Lounge came to mind. I decided to head over to Facebook to find out what kind of insider info was being offered.

The Facebook page already had over 83,000 “likes” so I doubt that it was from just a couple of days back. I scrolled through the page and it came to a stop at a post from December 2013 so I am guessing that this is when the page was started.

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I decided to “like” the United MileagePlus Cards page to find out what was being offered while I still have my card.

What’s been on the Facebook page so far? Not Much:

  • 2014 Michelin Star Gala in NYC & San Francisco
  • Chase Lounges at malls in NJ & SF
  • A holiday photo caption challenge (I’m not sure if there were prizes)
  • Lots of posts advertising the Big Game Week events
  • Theater and ski offers

From what I could tell getting access to most of these events comes with a hefty fee. Besides the VIP lounges, all of the dining, show and sports events cost a lot of money to purchase tickets to take part in.

While looking for the e-mail about the Big Game Week, I found an older e-mail from MileagePlus Partner. The subject in this older message was: Join the MileagePlus Credit Card community on Facebook.

The e-mail also contained a list of what the Facebook community should include:

a screenshot of a cardAfter looking over the United MileagePlus Card’s Facebook page I can’t say that I saw much value there. Getting special access to events is great but not when they cost lots of money!

It would be nice to see Chase run special contests or offer other free perks for MileagePlus card members to really make this a valuable page to keep visiting.

For now I’ll keep “liking” the United MileagePlus Facebook page. I have nothing to lose and maybe I’ll come across something interesting in the future.

Click HERE to check out (and like) the United MileagePlus Cards Facebook page.

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