Budget Travel: 10 Best Budget Destinations For 2014


Budget Travel put together a list of 10 Best Budget Destinations For 2014.

I was interested in seeing what they came up with since we’re always looking for places that are affordable to visit.

When I think of budget destinations, a couple of areas come to mind: Latin America and Southeast Asia. We’ve seen our money go far in places like Guatemala, Panama, Cambodia and Thailand.

According to Budget Travel:

They say that Conditions are perfect for visiting these near- and far-flung, culture-rich locales: Price-wise, 2014 is their year. Dipping hotel rates, new attractions, and some perennially affordable sights and eats make these 10 cities ideal to consider for your travel itinerary this year.

Here are the destinations selected by Budget Travel:

  • South Africa
  • Venice, Italy
  • Dominican Republic
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Orlando, Florida
  • Atlantic Canada
  • Philadelphia
  • Warsaw, Poland
  • Seoul, South Korea
  • Riga, Latvia 

I was surprised to see that we have only been to 4 of the places (above in bold) from this list. I also don’t remember any of them being overly pricey or expensive.

Do you have any suggestions for budget destinations to visit?

Find out more about the 10 Best Budget Destinations HERE.

5 thoughts on “Budget Travel: 10 Best Budget Destinations For 2014

  1. I wonder who thinks Buenos Aires in Argentina is a budget destination. Inflation is here very high, services very poor and nothing real interesting nearby: Patagonia and the waterfalls are very far and foreigners pay a lot to travel by plane, much more than locals.

    1. koekje- Interesting and thanks for the info. I’ve always heard that BA was pretty cheap and you could get an amazing steak for very little compared to here in the U.S. We haven’t been to Argentina yet so I can’t really judge.

  2. I wouldn’t say that any that I have been to of that list (also 4: Venice, Dominican Republic, Philly, Orlando ) were *overly* pricey, but I don’t that I would call any of them budget either.

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