T+L: Best Italian Restaurants In The U.S.

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 12.12.11 AMItalian food ranks up there as one of  my favorite kinds of food. When I think of Italian, pizza, chicken parmigiana and lasagna come to mind. I have some local favorites in the New York City area and love discovering new places to try out during our travels.

I was happy to come across a slide show by Travel + Leisure featuring what they claim to be 30 of the Best Italian Restaurants in the U.S.

Here is the list:

  1. Acquerello- San Francisco
  2. Trattoria Lucca- Charleston, SC
  3. Del Posto- New York City
  4. Spiaggia- Chicago
  5. Frasca- Boulder, CO
  6. Pizzeria Bianco- Phoenix
  7. Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana– New Haven, CT
  8. Tulio- Seattle
  9. Palena Cafe- Washington, DC
  10. Bar La Grassa- Minneapolis
  11. Marea- New York City
  12. Valentino- Santa Monica, CA
  13. Vetri- Philadelphia
  14. Terramia Ristorante- Boston
  15. Al Forno– Providence, RI
  16. Bartolotta- Las Vegas
  17. Domenica- New Orleans
  18. Osteria Mozza/ Pizzeria Mozza- Los Angeles
  19. Flour + Water- San Francisco
  20. Roberta’s– Brooklyn, NY
  21. Obelisk- Washington, DC
  22. L’Amante- Burlington, VT
  23. The Baskspace- Austin, TX
  24. Mani Osteria- Ann Arbor, MI
  25. Jasper’s- Kansas City, MO
  26. Harry’s Pizzeria- Miami
  27. Caffe Mingo- Portland, OR
  28. Tony’s- St Louis, MO
  29. Assaggio- Seattle
  30. Da Marco- Houston

I’ve been to three places from the T+L list which I’ve highlighted above.

Here are my thoughts on each:

  1. Frank Pepe Pizzeria- There seems to always be a long line and after eating here I do not understand why. I much prefer another pizzeria in New Haven which is just down the block- Sally’s Apizza.
  2. We stopped by Al Forno to try their famous grilled pizza. The pizza was excellent and in some ways unique but I can’t judge the rest of the menu since we didn’t have anything else.
  3. Roberta’s is my favorite restaurant of the three  from this list that I’ve visited. They make incredible pizzas and offer other tasty dishes. We’ve tried a few things from their menu but the pizza is what stands out in my mind.

Have you been to any of the Italian restaurants from T+L’s list? If so, which one(s) did you dine at and is it worthy of being considered one of the top in the country?

Find out each of the restaurants on T+L’s list HERE.

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