Angelina Jolie Banned From Flying Her Personal Plane

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Who knew that Angelina Jolie has her pilot’s license and is also the owner of a plane?

Angelina Jolie got her pilot’s license in 2004 and owns a Cirrus SR-22, one of the world’s fastest single- engine aircrafts. 

A 2014 Cirrus SR-22 base model costs $489,900, a pricey toy but chump change for the star actress. (According to the article, Jolie’s plane cost $360,000.) Jolie topped the Forbes list for highest paid actresses at $33 million earned between June 2012- June 2013.

Screen Shot 2013-12-11 at 2.57.57 PM
2014 Cirrus SR-22

According to Yahoo News, Jolie was banned from flying her personal airplane after she was late in renewing its registration. On June 30 the plane’s air-worthiness certificate expired. A renewal application was sent in but the FAA said that it arrived too late.

After initially reading the headline I assumed that Jolie did something wrong or illegal as a pilot and lost her license. The reason for her ban seems more like a technicality than a permanent ban and I’d assume her plane will be back in the sky at some point in 2014.

Find out more about this story in the Yahoo News article HERE.

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4 thoughts on “Angelina Jolie Banned From Flying Her Personal Plane

  1. Sounds like her personal assistant that handles this paperwork should get fired.

    Seriously you’d think she’d have a lear jet or something. Maybe it’s just a way to get away from paparazzi.

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