The American Airlines “WestJet Style” Holiday Video

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Over the past few days there’s been lots of talk/ mention in the news,  through social media and blogs about an incredible holiday video from Canadian airline WestJet.

In the WestJet Christmas Miracle video, Santa asks passengers (for 2 flights) what they need for Christmas while they are waiting at the gate to board. The answers vary from new socks & underwear to Thomas the Train toys to electronics like a big TV. Little do they know, while flying to their destination, “WestJetters” are rushing to shop for their gifts.

Check out the video:

I was thinking about videos other airlines produced for the holidays. Some weren’t so great while others were pretty awesome, like the one put out by Delta. Check out my post about the Delta Happy Holidays video HERE.

I was planning to look for other airline holiday videos when I came across a tweet from @Amercian Air. The tweet included the photo above and the message: Wherever you’re headed this holiday season, thanks for flying with us. #sharethanks

I looked up the hashtag #sharethanks and came across a video which reminded me of the amazing WestJet Christmas Miracle video. 

Like WestJet, American Airlines surprised passengers with gifts at the baggage claim. However the passengers weren’t asked what they needed or wanted for the holidays.

American partnered with Coca Cola to surprise our customers and spread holiday cheer. Carolers sang while luggage and gifts (labeled valued customer) came down onto the baggage carousel. Inside, the happy passengers found Coca Cola polar bear stuffed animals, some also receiving certificates for airline miles!

Check out the video:

So what do you think about these holiday videos? I give WestJet the win for being a bit more creative but American did a pretty awesome job too!

If you’ve come across any other creative, travel-related holiday videos, please share them in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “The American Airlines “WestJet Style” Holiday Video

  1. After the Westjet Video DL And AA just do not come close to being as original, motivational, caring and generous. If Cocacola had not come through, AA would not have a video. The DL vid is a step up but it misses the mark of true caring and generosity. I wonder if those were DL employees?

    1. The WestJet video is defnitely the most amazing one of all but… Delta did an awesome job with their holiday video and sent a great message. I can’t take anything away from them for not giving something away. We also wondered if the performers were DL employees, my guess would be yes. I’m also not sure that AA did their Coca Cola giveaway & video as a copycat due to WestJet. Either way, I’d love to be surprised by an airline at the baggage claim!

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