Disappointing Breakfast Menu Items At McDonald’s In Germany


During our trip to Germany (back in September) we visited Berlin before heading to Munich for Oktoberfest, the main reason for our trip. (I’ve been a bit behind on posting about our experience at Oktoberfest but plan to write about it soon.)

While this wasn’t my first trip to Germany, I still had to stop by McDonald’s to see if there were any locally insprired menu items. I know I definitely ate there but don’t recall eating anything out of the ordinary.

We first visited  a McDonald’s for a late snack. It was getting late and we didn’t want to first go in search of a restaurant. Nothing special on the menu caught my eye but I did see that there were some interesting breakfast options to try another time.

A couple of days later, our destination for breakfast was McDonald’s. The photo above shows “Your New Breakfast At McDonald’s” so we went ahead and ordered one of each item.

Breakfast items we tried which are not found in the U.S.:

  1. Croissant Schoko– Chocolate Croissant
  2. McMuffin Chicken & Bacon– Chicken & Bacon McMuffin
  3. McToast Schoko– McToast Chocolate


After placing our order, Lucas was on the lookout (and waited impatienty) for our food to arrive.


The chocolate croissant looked great and once we took a bite, a layer of melty chocolate could be seen. It’s too bad that the best part of the croissant was it’s look and not the taste. The croissant itself didn’t seem to be so soft or fresh but at least the chocolate inside tasted good.

If this was sold at home I wouldn’t go out of my way to order it.

My main course was the Chicken & Bacon McMuffin. The sandwich reminded me of McMuffin’s from home with the difference being that in Germany chicken is inside.

The McMuffin tasted fine but it was a bit too heavy for my liking. The chicken was good and it was nice and cheesey. My only real complaint about this item was it’s size. If you like heavy breakfasts and also like chicken, then this is the item for you.

If this was available in the U.S., I’d more than likely pass on ordering it again.


IMG_7332I initially thought that the McToast Chocolate would be the best item of the three that we ordered but it ended up being my least favorite. The McToast looked much better in the picture on the menu board than in person.

I expected lots of chocolate inside but it was relatively bare with just a tiny bit inside. The picture from the menu made the McToast look like it was made on a sandwich press but it didn’t seem to be toasted or pressed. I wouldn’t be surprised if the McToast was just heated in a microwave.

If this was available at home, I am pretty sure that I would not order it.

Do you like to visit McDonald’s when traveling to foreign countries? If you do, please share with us some interesting, local menu items that you’ve tried.

While this McDonald’s meal wasn’t a homerun, others we’ve had around the world have been really enjoyable. Check out some of my other McDonald’s- related posts:

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      1. It was really only some fried sausage with McDs spicy BBQ sauce and a packet of curry powder, but I think it was the best thing on the menu. We placed it higher than some of the street vendor Currywurst.

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