Delta: See Why Economy Comfort Is Worth It

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 12.27.00 AMWe typically fly coach since it is the most affordable way to fly. If our funds or miles were limitless then we’d definitely fly in premium cabins more frequently.

Since Lucas started traveling with us, we’ve flown business class 3 times. Once he turns 2 in January (and needs a seat), I can’t see us flying towards the front anymore.

Here is where we flew:

  • New York to Singapore
  • New York to Japan (home in first)
  • New York to the Balkans- to Serbia, home from Albania

I’ve never flown in Economy Comfort although it does looks much more spacious and comfy than plain, old economy class.

I received an e-mail from Delta letting me know that “Economy Comfort Is Worth It” along with some information explaining why.

According to Delta: Whether you want extra legroom, like more time to board or just prefer to sit toward the front of the plane, see why so many of our passengers think Economy Comfort is worth it. Domestic prices start at just $9.

Economy Comfort includes:

  • Extra Legroom
  • Prime Seat Location
  • Priority Boarding
  • Extra Recline (select flights)
  • Free Beer, Wine & Spirits (select flights)

So what do you think? Is Economy Comfort worth it? Let me know what you think since I’ve never flown in EC and am not sure that I will ever pay for the upgrade.

Find out more about why Delta thinks that Economy Comfort is worth it HERE.


9 thoughts on “Delta: See Why Economy Comfort Is Worth It

  1. I get EC for free due to PM status. I would never pay for the seat. I have on several occasions given up my EC seat if the middle seat is taken in exchange for a seat in the back if I can get an empty seat next to me. I don’t care about the leg room, I’m more concerned about shoulder room.
    As for traveling with a child seat, keep in mind that depending on the type of seat it is, it may have to be in the window seat.

    1. Interesting to hear that you’d give up EC for the back. I’m wondering if you find any value in your free upgrade?

      I’m not sure that we will bring a car seat on flights. We might just get one of the harnesses for Lucas. We’ll have to figure it out in a couple of months.

      1. I only give up my EC seat if the middle EC seat is occupied and the seat in the rear has an empty middle seat. Or on a 2 seat side I’ll take and empty seat next to me in the rear vs sitting next to someone in EC.
        I initially book the EC seat as those seem to be the last to fill if it’s not a heavy elite flight. Especially the middle which is usually only booked by two people traveling together. Elites usually have access to aisle/window/exit seats further back and would prefer those to a middle seat. I can’t imagine paying for a middle seat unless my only other choice was a regular middle seat.
        As for value, no, I don’t see any real value in the seats. If they tossed in a couple of free drinks and the first class snack basket then I would see value in it.
        As for the harness, I don’t think I’ve seen one but it sounds like a great idea. Especially if you don’t need a car seat of booster seat when you get to your destination.

  2. Brian- I also haven’t seen the upgrade offered for $9 but I might give it a try one of these days if the price seems right.

    Charlie & Jason- Once January comes, I’ll be looking forward to the extra space gained by needing to book a third seat for Lucas! 🙂

    Jim- I haven’t had a need for EC but it does sound like it could be a decent middle ground to improve upon the coach experience. The problem is that the price for EC can be a bit pricey when it comes to international flights.

    Noah- If I could get EC as a free perk, then I’d definitely find it a great value! Being that I am only Silver, I don’t see getting an upgrade on Delta! $60 to upgrade for NRT-JFK sounds like a very fair deal. Glad you enjoyed the flight!

  3. I get it as a medallion perk. Domestically, its really nice, but not sure I would spend a lot on it. It is available for $9 on LGA-CLT. A nice upgrade for reasonable (not huge) legroom and towards front of plane, but you can live without it. I might buy it for Tcon just to have some space.

    I took it from NRT-JFK 2 weeks ago, and that was great! There was no one next to me, and the lady 2 away was a more polite traveler than some of the other people further back in the cabin. I would recommend it for long international flights as $60 for a $1200 fare, to me, was reasonable. When you buy it on Air France, it is a better seat, not just more legroom.

  4. On international flights it is worth it and the FA’s are very attentive if seated in EC. On flights within the US it’s only nice to be in the front and out the door to make a connection.

  5. I have never really had a need for econ plus, I really don’t care about leg room as much as just being shoulder-to-shoulder on both sides. With kids, this is resolved as Charlie states. Most of the time I have plenty of room with kids next to me.

  6. I have received it (complimentary because of status) a few times internationally. I agree with Brian, it is a nice upgrade. Depending on the route, the FAs are very protective of it as well, which means if some people do not want to pay the high price for the longer flights, chances are very good you have no seat-mate!
    BTW, traveling with kids in coach won’t be too bad when they have their own seats – because they are so small, it is almost like you get another seat to yourself! 🙂

  7. I have used EC many times. It is a nice upgrade. I believe that the $9 starting price is misleading. I have never received this price usually $29-$39 is the average on short flights, NYC-atl. Worth a try for the price.

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