Flashback Friday: Strange Food: Ugly Curry Chicken Puff- Starbucks, Singapore


I find food to be a big part of travel and tend to write my fair share of food- related posts. While traveling, we’ll just about always pay a visit to local markets and supermarkets to see what interesting and odd products might be found.

While I am a very picky eater, there are times that I will step out of my comfort zone to try local delicacies like cuy (guinea pig), fat-ass ants and mud!

I came across an extremely odd sounding dish available at Starbucks in Singapore that I had to try out. Kim, Lucas and I had a few days in Singapore during our trip to Southeast Asia in the Summer of 2012 so I had to make it a point to try an Ugly Curry Chicken Puff.

Here is the post:

  • Strange Food: Ugly Curry Chicken Puff- Starbucks, Singapore

The post was originally published on September 6, 2012.

A while back I wrote a post about a USA Today article regarding fast foods that you can’t get in the USA. I then created a new thread about this on Milepoint. One of the members commented about Ugly Curry Puffs at Starbucks in Singapore being one of their favorites.
(Thanks to member HaveMilesWillTravel for the tip.)
Since we were heading to Singapore, I made a quick note of this odd sounding dish and decided that I had to find and taste it during my trip!
Ugly Curry Chicken Puff

When we arrived in Singapore I had forgotten about the Ugly Chicken Curry Puff and didn’t have visiting Starbucks on my list of things to do. However, after dinner on our first night of the trip we decided to stop into Starbucks to grab a snack. Kim noticed a sign for the Ugly Curry Chicken Puff on a chalk board and pointed it out to me. I immediately remembered writing a note about it in my phone and had to try the puff.

Ugly Creamy Chicken Puff

We didn’t order the puff that night and decided to go to Starbucks the following morning for breakfast. I am not a coffee drinker but Kim is. She could get her coffee and something to eat and I could try the Ugly Curry Chicken Puff.

It turns out that there are two versions of the Ugly Chicken Puff, a curry and creamy version. I had no clue what the puff was to begin with but now there was more to figure out. I asked one of the baristas about the differences. We were told that both are pretty much the same-
the only difference being that the curry version is spicy and the creamy one is not.
I opted to try the Ugly Creamy Chicken Puff. The puffs were pretty ugly I guess.Then again I am not sure what would make the puff attractive…
The ugly puff was decent but nothing too spectacular. The outer shell was a bit flaky and crummy. The inside was filled with sauce and I am guessing small chunks of chicken and potato. The puff as a whole was not filled with a ton of flavor and I probably wouldn’t have ordered it if not for the odd name!
I do have to say that it is fun telling people that I ate an Ugly Creamy Chicken Puff.
The looks of confusion, not knowing what I am talking about is well worth the price we paid for the puff!
That wraps up this week’s Flashback Friday.
Have you tried any oddly named dishes in restaurants or fast food joints around the world? If so, what was it and did it live up to it’s name?

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