KLM Hosts Disney’s Planes Pre-Screening On A Plane For 300 Kids

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I came across a really cool event that KLM hosted for 300 kids while wasting a few minutes on Facebook.

On October 2 KLM hosted a pre-screening of the Disney movie Planes on an actual KLM plane!

According to the youtube video, 300 lucky kids saw their winning drawings turned into a short animation announcing they won tickets to an exclusive KLM pre-screening of Disney’s Planes.

From what I can tell the kids didn’t know that the screening would be on an actual plane. This would be the world’s first movie experience in and around a plane according to KLM. There were flight attendants onboard and “everything that happened to the main character Dusty, happened to the kids”.

KLM went above and beyond to make this pre-screening an amazing experience for the 300 lucky kids.

In parts of the movie when it was raining, the plane was hosed down to look like rain. When there was confetti in the movie, confetti was shot up around the plane and as the kids disembarked. They also showed the kids leaving with airplane-shaped roller bags!

This looks like an amazing, interactive experience and something that I’m sure many adults would love to take part in. I know that I would!

Planes will be showing on KLM flights starting November 1.

Check out the Youtube video about the Disney’s Planes pre-screening:

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