An Awesome Pizza Experience At Slice Out Hunger- NYC

Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 11.46.39 PMA couple of days ago I wrote about an event that Kim, Lucas and I would be attending- Slice Out Hunger, NYC’s biggest pizza party for a good cause. 100% of the proceeds go to the Food Bank of New York City. Find out how one $1 slice of pizza become 12.5 meals in my previous post here.

Slice Out Hunger was created by Scott Wiener and is now in its fifth year. Scott is best known for his popular Pizza Tours around NYC. I took his pizza bus tour back in May and highly recommend taking one on a visit to NY or even if you live here.

L-Scott Wiener, R- M.W. Travels

The event was held last night and we had a great time & ate a lot of pizza! I hope to be able to attend every year as long as it continues to take place.

We arrived early so that we would get inside quickly once the doors opened. The event was scheduled to start at 6:00 so we arrived around 4:30. We figured that it was better to wait before the event rather than while it was going on, possibly missing out on the pizza.

IMG_8083There was already a line when we arrived, an hour and a half before the event opened. There were probably about 75-100 people already waiting. Within 15 minutes, the line doubled in size. By the time we went inside, the line was going around the block. Imagine all of this waiting just to eat some pizza…

IMG_8084It was very impressive to see how well the event was organized. To start things off smoothly, guidelines were hanging up in various places outside. Tickets were also sold while waiting outside so there wouldn’t be another huge line inside once things got going. Once the doors opened, a small amount of people were allowed in at a time to also make it go smoothly when getting pizza at the tables all around the room.

Some scenes from outside:

Interesting attire
One of the pizzeria’s delivering
Demo- Green Pizza Box

Once we got inside the plan was to make our lap around the room and get pizza (mainly) from places that we’ve never tried before. Kim and I each took a pizza box and started off by filling mine up. At $1 per slice it was cheap enough to want to get a lot of pizza. I think we got slices from 17 or 18 of the 40+ pizzerias represented. Many of the slices were small so it wasn’t as much pizza as you would expect. We also did not eat the crust and also took some home.


IMG_8093 IMG_8094Some of the pizza we tried were hits but many others were misses. However, we can’t really judge a place based on this event. Most of the pizza was cold since it was brought here a while before we were allowed in. There was also no equipment at the venue to heat slices up. Either way we enjoyed our pizza and found a few new ones that we will definitely be making a trip to in the future.

Our Pizza

Here are the top 3 new places that we tried.

  1. Fiore’s
  2. NY Pizza Suprema
  3. Rizzo’s Fine Pizza

FYI- Out of the 43 pizzerias at Slice Out Hunger, we’ve been to around 22-23 of them.

IMG_8095There were a few other things for sale at the event like soda, ice pops and cookies. Kim and Lucas shared a Brewla Bar ice pop which they both enjoyed very much. We also bought both of the cookies available, one which was made by event organizer Scott’s mom! I was too full to eat the cookies but took a small taste and they were really good.

IMG_8100I also couldn’t go home without supporting the cause by purchasing a Slice Out Hunger t-shirt.

If you love pizza or just want to support a great cause, Slice Out Hunger is an amazing event to attend. Find out more about SOH online here.

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