USA Today- Most Delicious Dessert Trucks in America

IMG_1154USA Today has an article listing what they say are the most delicious dessert trucks in America.

While I can’t judge most of the trucks on this list, I have tried desserts from a bunch of them. I’ve tried some of the goods from 4 of the top 5, and 6 out of 20 metioned. Based on what I’ve sampled I’d definitely be interesting in trying out more of the trucks from this list.

Kim and I have been big fans of food trucks for quite some time and love attending a local food truck event close to home called the Prospect Park Food Truck Rally. The rally gets 15-16 food trucks together in one spot.

The event features a wide variety of food and dessert options. You’re bound to find something for everyone if you go with a group!

Now back to the article… 

A couple of our favorite food trucks made the USA Today list but we would’t agree with where some of these trucks ranked compared to each other.

Here is the list:

  1. Big Gay Ice Cream Truck- NYC
  2. Wafels and Dinges- NYC
  3. Cool Haus- Los Angeles
  4. Get Shaved- Los Angeles
  5. The Treats Truck- NYC
  6. Longboards Vintage Ice Cream- Los Angeles
  7. Tropical Shave Ice- Los Angeles
  8. HipPops Handcrafted Gelato Bars- Miami
  9. Cupkates- San Francisco
  10. The Cupcake Collection- Nashville
  11. My Delight Cupcakery Truck- Ontario, CA
  12. Torched Goodness- Phoenix
  13. Sweet Cow- Denver
  14. Denver Cupcake Truck- Denver
  15. Mister Softee- NYC
  16. Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream Truck- NYC
  17. Cupcakes For Courage- Chicago
  18. Chunk N Chip Cookies- Orange County, CA
  19. Sweetery NYC
  20. Kara’s Cupcakes Karavan- San Francisco

So which trucks have we tried?

We’ve tried :

  • #1- Big Gay Ice Cream Truck– we actually tried it out at their shop not from the truck and weren’t impressed. They sell soft serve ice cream with strange toppings.
  • #2- Wafels and Dinges– this is our favorite food truck. Their waffles are incredible and I recommend that you try their speculoos spread or ice cream on a waffle. They also serve savory waffles which I’d like to try in the future.
  • #3- Cool Haus– they also have a truck in NYC which is where we tried it a couple of times. You get to pick the cookie and ice cream flavors to make your own ice cream sandwich. I didn’t like it either time and probably wouldn’t try it again.
  • #5- Treats Truck– I can’t remember exactly what we had but I know that we really liked all of their baked goods.
  • #15- Mr. Softee– A classic with trucks all over in NYC. It’s not fancy, organic or artisinal but it is great. We get it all of the time and have followed trucks many blocks until they stop to get Lucas his ice cream.
  • #16- Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream– Another of our favorites, Van Leeuwen makes some of the best ice cream anywhere. We usually get chocolate and vanilla or their spicey Mexican chocolate. They have a few small stores now.

Have you tried any of the dessert trucks from this list? If so, does it deserve to be rated tops in the country?

Check out the full USA Today article and find out more about each of these dessert trucks HERE.

5 thoughts on “USA Today- Most Delicious Dessert Trucks in America

  1. Mike- We tried Cool Haus a couple of times with different cookie & ice cream combinations and didn’t like it either time. Maybe the third times the charm!

    Asar- I was surprised by this too. I’ve read many good things about the food carts in Portland. Maybe they aren’t compared in the same category?

  2. I consider a particular Cool Haus ice cream sandwich from last summer the 2nd tasty thing I have ever eaten. It really is about choosing the right combinations. They don’t have the same flavors everyday so on repeat visits I’ve never been able to repeat the noted experience. I’ve not been disappointed, but some combos are just an ice cream sandwich.

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