See Solar Impulse’s Solar Airplane at JFK This Weekend

A few days ago I read about a plane traveling across the country without using any fuel. 

Solar Impulse’s plane is solar powered which is pretty amazing. The plane landed at JFK airport in New York on Sunday. It became the first plane to travel across the U.S. during the day and night without using any fuel.

Solar Impulse started it’s trip Across America on May 3, leaving from San Francisco. It made stops in Phoenix, Dallas, St Louis, Cincinnati and Washington D.C. before getting to New York.

Solar Impulse has bigger plans for 2015- to fly around the world.

Now that Solar Impulse has arrived in New York they will be having a Public Day where you can see their solar airplane in person!

To visit Solar Impulse you must register (it’s free). Each visit lasts one hour.

Visits are available on:

  • Saturday, July 13 from 3:30 – 7:30
  • Sunday, July 14 from 11:00 – 7:30
Click HERE to register for one of Solar Impulse’s Public Days to see the solar airplane in person at JFK!

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