I Won Tickets To MLB All Star Week from Priceless by Mastercard

Back in early June I wrote about Priceless by Mastercard giving away tickets to MLB All Star Week events taking place in NYC. The giveaway was included in one of my Travel News, Deals & Offers posts.

This year the All Star game is taking place at Citi Field, home to my favorite baseball team, the New York Mets. I was hoping to attend one of the events but didn’t want to spend money on tickets. 

This is where Priceless by Mastercard helped me out!
Limited sets of tickets were being given out online to four events:

  1. 125 Offer Gifts of 4 tickets to the All Star FanFest (valued at $140)
  2. 12 Offer Gifts of 2 tickets to All Star Sunday (valued at $160 for pair)
  3. 10 Offer Gifts of 2 tickets to the A.S. Workout Day & HR Derby (value:$400 for pair)
  4. 12 Offer Gifts of 2 tickets to the MLB All Star Game (valued at $598 for pair)
Each of the “Offer Gifts” were given out on a different date at 12:00pm on a first come, first served basis.  

I went online a little before noon on the date of each giveaway to try to win some of these great prizes. I ended up winning tickets to 2/4 events which is pretty amazing. I could say that I batted .500 in the Priceless giveaway! 
Prizes I won:

1- Four tickets to the All Star Fan Fest. I plan to go today to check out the event.
2- Two tickets to All Star Sunday where I’ll get to watch the Futures Game featuring the best minor league players in baseball and the Legends & Celebrities Softball Game.

According to Priceless by Mastercard, my prizes are worth $300. Based on the price listed on each ticket, the prize is valued closer to $200. Still not bad!

Besides the events that I won tickets to, Kim and I will also be running in the All Star 5K to benefit Sandy Relief. The race takes place in Prospect Park in Brooklyn and features a Post-Race Festival with giveaways. Some former players and team mascots will also be there.

I’m looking forward to a weekend filled with baseball related events. To get my travel fix, I’m squeezing in a visit to JFK Airport to get an up close look at Solar Impulse’s solar airplane.

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