Review: My Experience Riding Megabus

Megabus Review

Earlier in the week I took a trip with Megabus for the first time in a few years. I took the bus from NYC to Philadelphia on a quick trip. I was looking forward to the trip and curious to find out how Megabus’ service would be.

Megabus Review
Line Up Here

Here is a review of my experience.Our bus was set to leave at 9:15am so we arrived about 20 minutes early.

The meeting point was very busy. Lots of people were showing up for Megabus rides going to various locations. Megabus had signs along the street with the name of the city you were heading to which made things easy to figure out. Most people looked for the corresponding sign while a few others would ask Megabus staff where to go. Overall things seemed organized and people lined up in an orderly fashion.

According to their website, Megabus asks everyone to show up 15 minutes prior to departure. When our bus had not shown up by around 9:10 I figured we would be leaving late. However, the bus showed up about two minutes later and our bus was loaded up and on it’s way- only three  minutes behind schedule. I was pretty impressed how fast we got moving.

Lucky for us the bus was not crowded. Everyone could have their own row (two seats) or more if needed. My brother and I sat in opposite rows. If we didn’t have our own seats, I am not sure where we would’ve put our coats and bags since there wasn’t any overhead space for storage.

Megabus Review
Lots of Space
The seats were comfortable and there was a very good amount of space for each seat. I was able to stretch my legs out with room to spare. The seat in front of me wasn’t reclined but if it was I still would’ve had an ample amount of room. One our ride home the seat in front of me was reclined and I was still comfortable. It was also great that all of the arm rests could be pushed up. Since I had two seats I could spread out and partially lay down to sleep or relax.
Megabus Review
Power Outlets
The buses were equipped with wifi and power outlets at each seat. My cell had service during the ride so I didn’t need to use the wifi but I did see others on the bus with laptops out so I am guessing that the service worked well. There were also power outlets at each seat. This was a nice touch and something I wish the airlines would add for coach seats. On the way home the power outlet at my seat was missing so I had to use one across the aisle.
Overall I was very happy with my trip with Megabus. The bus was comfortable and the service seems to be pretty reliable. Considering my ride was free (I payed a $0.50 service fee for two seats- round trip), I am not sure what I could’ve really complained about.

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