Jumping at the Teterboro Airport Runway Run 5K

A great place for a jump

In July 2012 Kim and I ran in the Teterboro Airport 5K Runway Run in New Jersey. For some reason or another, I never wrote a post or shared my photos from the race. After writing about the date being announced for the 2013 JFK Runway Run it inspired me to share some photos from the Teterboro 5K.

At Tererboro, strollers were not allowed on the runway so Lucas had to sit this race out. Kim waited to sign up for the run on race day just to be sure somebody would be willing to watch Lucas. Luckily our sister-in-law was up to the task (not so hard since Lucas slept the whole time) and Kim got to run!

Almost ready to run

We arrived early so Kim would have time to sign up. Just like at the JFK Runway Run, there were lots of people signed up to race. I think people that wouldn’t ordinarily run a 5K showed up for the chance to get on the runway. It is some pretty amazing access.

The busy pre- race starting line
Getting close to the finish (middle of photo)

It was a very hot day so I was looking forward to the race being over. We didn’t get to see any planes taking off or landing this time around but we did see lots of small, private planes parked around the runway. We even saw a plane or two that belonged to Donald Trump! I would’ve loved to have had a chance to see what they looked like on the inside.

The race start and finish was close to one of the airplane hangars. At the end of the race, refreshments were served inside of the hangar. I thought it would be neat to try to jump inside the hangar. Lighting was not on our side but I still feel that it is a pretty cool photo.

While waiting for our ride back to the hotel, Kim and I took a few photos at the airport entrance.
Jumping by the Teterboro Airport sign was a great way to end our morning!

As most of your know, I am a sucker for signs, especially Ridiculous Street Signs.

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