How We "Spent" Our Small Business Saturday

Kim, Lucas and I had a great time spending our $25  Amex Small Business Saturday credits.
We pretty much made a full day out of it- using our first credit for lunch and last towards dinner.

Last year we used all seven of our cards in one store for one big purchase. This time around we wanted to spread the wealth to a bunch of small businesses around Brooklyn. This year we had eight cards to use. We had seven credit cards and one FedEx pre- paid card that I had won through a Facebook giveaway. (Check out my post about SBS HERE)

We spent our credits at five small businesses. This is what we bought:

  1. Lunch at Cafe Steinhof– $30- we used one card so our cost was $5
  2. Tiny TOMS Botas shoes for Lucas- $36 is a bit much for infant shoes but with the help of one Amex card the shoes were well worth the $11 it cost us out of pocket!
  3. 7 A.M. Enfant Pookie Poncho Light– $108 with tax- Lucas is always out and about with us & with the weather getting cold in NY we need something to keep him warm in the carrier and stroller. Kim and I came across this versatile product about a month back and wanted to wait to buy it with our SBS credits. I used two of my Amex cards so our cost was $58.
  4. Kim’s belated birthday present- Earrings- Price: undisclosed! It worked out well waiting to buy the earrings. The shop was running a 10% off sale for SBS plus I used two of my credit cards and my FedEx pre-paid card. I got a savings of $75 + 10% off!
  5. Dinner at Franny’s– $42- Pizza is probably my favorite food and since I didn’t get anything today, I got to choose dinner at one of my favorite spots in Brooklyn. Franny’s is an environmentally responsible business and makes amazing pizzas. I highly recommend a visit if you are in the Brooklyn area. Kim used her second card so dinner cost us $17.
Franny’s Pizza with Sausage
I want to thank American Express for thinking of the idea of Small Business Saturday back in 2010 and being so generous. It’s a great way to get people spending more money at small businesses. It’s also a ton more fun to buy things when you are given free money!
If you took part in SBS how did you decide to spend your free $25 credits?

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