JFK 5K Runway Run Recap and Contest

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I had a great time at the JFK Runway Run this past Sunday. (I wrote about the race here)
Getting access to the runway alone was worth entering the race for! However, my legs are still feeling the pain from completing the 5K. Since my son was born in January, I’ve  run about three times (if I am lucky).
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On the ride to the airport we had some rain but it soon stopped and ended up being a beautiful day for a race. Over 800 people turned out to run or walk in the event. Many of the participants were representing airlines or were airport employees.
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The race started at a runway next to the the Port Authority Police Academy- Rescue Training Center. There were a couple of airplanes used for training exercises (I am guessing) in the area. One looks like it might be used to do mock rescue missions and the other looked like it may have been set on fire for the fire department to use for practice drills.
a black rocket on a concrete surface
a plane on the tarmac
a man jumping in the air with his arms outstretched
From the starting line of the race the views of planes taking off was pretty incredible. We took some nice pictures and got a few videos too! While running the race I wish that I had a camera with me as the views were even better further down the runway.
a plane flying in the sky
Originally Kim planned to walk & jog while pushing Lucas in his stroller during the race. However, just as the race was about to start, somebody had other plans… Lucas decided that it was time to eat! So Kim had to sit out of the race this year. (She is hoping to be able to actually run next year!) I helped her get settled and started the race about 5 minutes after everybody else. This was a timed race but only the time you end the race was tracked. This was pretty annoying since now my final time was a bit off due to my late start… Oh well, it’s not like I was in it to win it, I was just hoping to finish which I did!
a man and woman with a baby in a stroller
For entering the race we each received a very nice T-shirt as well as a bag from TD Bank. By the time we arrived to pickup our registration packet, they were out of shirts in Kim’s size.
Due to this, we have an extra shirt from the race in Size Large.
a white shirt with a logo and a bag on it
Contest Prize- Up for grabs!
I am going to give away the extra JFK Runway Run shirt (size L) and a TD Bank bag to a reader of the blog.
To enter:
  1. Leave a comment on this post (please include an e-mail or check back to find out if you won)   AND
  2. “Like” me on Facebook HERE (I won’t be cross referencing so this is based on the honor system)
The contest is only open to residents of the U.S.
The winner will be selected using a random number generator

Contest ends on April 21, 2012

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