CitiBank: "There is no impact to your Citi/AAdvantage Credit Card"

The American Airlines Chapter 11 restructuring should not have much impact on future travels/ AAdvantage accounts from everything I have read.
The bulk of my airline mileage account is made up of AAdvantage miles & I am not too worried about their safety.

Today I received an e-mail from Citibank regarding the AA Chapter 11 reorganization:

Dear Michael W,
On Tuesday, November 29th, 2011, American Airlines filed for reorganization under Chapter 11. Throughout the process, American Airlines has expressed its commitment to meeting its customers’ travel needs. As a valued
Citi® / AAdvantage® customer, we appreciate your continued loyalty and would like to share some additional information with you about your credit card:
There is no impact to your Citi® / AAdvantage® credit card account and American has given its assurance that your American Airlines AAdvantage® miles are secure.
You will continue to earn American Airlines AAdvantage® miles for your purchases on your
Citi® / AAdvantage® card without disruption.
You will be able to redeem AAdvantage® miles for the same great flight awards, upgrades, car rentals and hotels and more, subject to usual policies.
Citi is committed to our longstanding relationship with American Airlines and to continually improving our products to provide exceptional value and experiences to our customers. We would like to thank you for your continued business and loyalty and look forward to serving you throughout this holiday season and in the future.

Should you have any questions regarding American’s reorganization process, please visit
Terry O’Neil
Executive Vice President
Citigroup North American Cards

It is reassuring to hear from Citi regarding the current state of American Airlines. I am glad they looked into what would happen with AAdvantage & were told that all miles were secure.

I am hoping AA will sell billions of more miles to Citi to offer for even more lucrative credit card signups in the future!

4 thoughts on “CitiBank: "There is no impact to your Citi/AAdvantage Credit Card"

  1. I’ve had the US & CO cards already but this is definitely helpful for others to top off if they haven’t…

    I’ve had tons of Citi cards & they are not churnable like in the past but I somehow got 4 this year.(AA Gold was reached about 2 months ago due to this) 300,000 miles back in the day would’ve take 10+ card bonuses to earn!

    Congrats on your growing family! I have also not used my miles since April. My wife is pregnant so I’ve been accumulating, not redeeming my miles. I plan to continue earning miles so I will have a nice chunk to use when the time comes!

  2. Chase is allowing new UA card bonuses to CO card members who became card members earlier than July of this year (there’s a specific date, but, it eludes me at the moment).

    Not really ‘churn-able’ in the traditional sense, but, no longer are the Citi cards as they were in the ‘good old days’ for that matter.

    For myself, I have been ‘accumulating’ miles as of late only because I can’t burn them due to having grown the family rather quickly. The biggest travel these days is visiting the grand parents. That said, once I start burning the miles, I’ll be burning them 4 time as fast…lol.

    At any rate, it was nice that in the ‘down time’ from traveling I could be earning some ‘status’ instead of only the miles.


  3. The blog is a little over a month old! It’s been fun so far…

    I hear where you are coming from regarding accumulating more AA miles but to me you can never have enough! The new rules do lessen the value but to me getting more miles = more travel! I earn miles to get to travel not just to earn status. It’s not like credit card bonuses have counted towards status on other airlines in years…

    I have added a bit to my UA-CO account by transferring Amex points. Since the UA-CO cards are not churnable I have tried to get creative…

  4. New Blog, eh?

    Seen you post in a few places (FT, FB to name a couple)

    At any rate, it’s all well and nice that AA sell more miles to Citi, but, given that as of TODAY they NO LONGER count towards ‘Million Miler’ makes me less interested.

    I have over a million unused miles now, no longer any purpose to accumulate more in AA, time to throw some more in Delta and UA-CO.


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