AwardWallet- Not Really Losing American Airlines Tracking

Sites like AwardWallet are extremely useful for keeping track of all of your airline & hotel mileage balances all in one place.
I definitely recommend that you sign up if you don’t have an account.
If you would like an invite to join or a free upgrade coupon (for first time users, 10 available), please e-mail me at

When American Airlines account tracking was removed from MileWise a couple of months back, I figured that AwardWallet would soon follow due to pressure (legal action?) from AA.

I am happy too say that this is not exactly the case for
I received an e-mail earlier today stating that they will no longer be able to store our American Airlines information/ passwords. They will release a browser extension which will allow each AW user’s browser to store the info. This will let our AA information to continue being shown with our other mileage accounts!

Here is the e-mail:

Dear Michael,
American Airlines has contacted us and stated that we may not access its website on your behalf and that we may not store any of your American Airlines account data on our servers. As a result, in the coming weeks we will release a browser extension which will enable you to check your balance and still display that balance along with the rest of your loyalty account balances; however, the data, such as your username, password, balance and any other attributes will only be stored in your browser so we will never have access to it. Also, this browser extension will be accessing American Airlines website from your computer and not from our servers. Since we do not have this extension ready yet, please save all of your American Airlines accounts and password in a secure place so that you can enter that data when we release the extension. Here are the accounts that you have stored with AwardWallet today:

Please open this page to print these account numbers along with your passwords before December 4, 2011. In the coming weeks we will release the AwardWallet browser extension to those users who wish to participate in our beta. If you want to be included in the beta, please follow this link:

We will send you an email when we are ready for you to participate in the beta. Depending on how many volunteers we have we may not be able to invite everyone to limit the amount of support requests.
Please note that your American Airlines data will be removed from our servers on December 4, 2011. This will not have any impact on your actual American Airlines account or mileage balance.
If you have any questions regarding this email, please read this FAQ first :
Also in order to avoid too many redundant emails regarding this matter please post your questions on our forum:
We apologize for this inconvenience, and we always strive to make AwardWallet the best reward tracking service.
Thank you,
AwardWallet team.

If you have AwardWallet or plan to sign up, make sure to register for the beta if you want AA to still be tracked.

What is your favorite site for tracking all of your account balances???

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