One of My Mileage Goals Reached- AA Lifetime Status

I finally have Lifetime Gold status on American Airlines!!! 

I didn’t think that I would get there when changes to the AAdvantage program were announced in August. I did a couple of things to make it happen just in time.

I transferred a bunch of Starwood points to AA miles and then had my wife apply for the Starwood 30,000 point promo over the summer. I then linked my wife’s Starwood account to mine and transferred her miles to my account to turn into AA miles. This got me within around 130,000 miles. I had already received two 75,000 bonuses from Citi AA cards this year & read that Citi AA cards were only churnable every 17 months give or take. I decided to take a chance and apply again and was instantly approved within a few minutes for a Citi AA Visa! I then decided to open a new browser and apply for a Citi AA Amex card. I crossed my fingers and what do ya know, I was approved!

I did not have much time to reach the spend needed to earn each 75,000 bonus before the AA Advantage program changed. The AA Visa has a $1500 spend requirement, the AA Amex $4000. I ended up “charging” $1000 to myself/ my wife on each card for free through Amazon Payments, used an app called Square to charge $3000 to myself (which cost $83) and then actually used the cards to pay some bills.

Hopefully Gold status will be useful when I decide to fly with some of the AA miles I have earned! 

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