Travel Instead Of Gifts For Father’s Day

a camera and a bike
photo from Yahoo Travel article

With Father’s Day fast approaching it might be a bit late to take the advice of this article from Yahoo Travel but I sure do like the idea that it suggests. Being that I am not really a big gift person, I’d much rather have some sort of travel-related experience than a material gift.

Yahoo Travel created an alternative list of travel related gift suggestions based on the most searched Father’s Day gifts in the article Forget the Tie, Dad Wants Travel!Here is what they suggest:

  • Small Batch Bourbon vs. The Kentucky Bourbon Trail
  • Beats Headphones vs. Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  • Golf Accessories vs. Pilgrimage to St Andrews, Scotland
  • GoPro Video Camera vs. Using it on the Road
  • Power Tools vs. Construction Dig
  • A Tie vs. Tie in Naples, Italy
  • Merkur Safety Razor vs. a Spa Visit

The funny thing is, that for years I’ve been saying that our travels are our gifts to each other. While Kim and I do give each other gifts at times, we don’t consistently do so. Having amazing experiences as we travel are definitely gifts in my book!

The one person that does get gifts is Lucas. He loves ripping apart wrapping paper and the look of amazement on his face when he gets new toys is priceless and worth every penny!

What do you think of Yahoo Travel’s idea of giving travel instead of gifts?

Check out the full article about this idea here.

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