America’s Wackiest Theme Parks

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Image from Yahoo Travel, credit: Diggerland

I’ve never been much of a fan of theme parks. For most, the biggest attraction at these parks are rides like rollercoasters. Unfortuantely they make me sick, so for me theme parks spell a recipe for disaster!

Even the idea of going on kiddie rides (like the spinning tea cups) makes me cringe, so why would I ever head to an amusement park?

There are some parks have more to offer than just the typical, high speed, crazy spinning rides.

The one kind of park that I don’t mind (still don’t love) visiting are water parks. When I was a camp counselor in upstate New York we would take the kids to Action Park in New Jersey. Some of the rides were pretty crazy but if you selected carefully, you could have a fun and safe time.

Yahoo Travel came up with a  list of America’s 11 Wackiest Theme Parks which I enjoyed reading about.

Some of these parks interest me since I like wacky & strange attractions and they don’t just offer the typical thrill ride experience.

Here is the list of Theme Parks:

  • Diggerland– West Berlin, NJ– Adults and kids get to work the controls of heavy machinery. Count me in!
  • Action Park– Vernon, NJ– A water-park once labeled “America’s most dangerous theme park”. Been there, done that. I don’t remember it being that dangerous…
  • Tweetsie Railroad Wild West Theme Park– Blowing Rock, NC– “A wild west throwback”, coal powered trains, a small zoo and more. It sounds like a place Lucas would love.
  • Gatorland– Orland, FL– A park with gator-centric activities. This might be a good park to visit to change things up after visiting Disney.
  • Holy Land Experience– Orlando, FL– Recreates many sites from the Holy Land. Doesn’t sound like my kind of place.
  • Weeki Wachee Springs State Park– Spring Hill, FL– Synchronized underwater show which features mermaids. When Kim and I went swimming with manatees in Crystal River, FL we passed on visiting this place. Maybe it was worth a stop?
  • Paul Bunyan Land– Brainerd, MN– A petting barn,  Old Farm Pioneer Village featuring a huge collection of old antiques and more. This just sounds way too strange to me.
  • Fair Oaks Farms Dairy Adventure– Fair Oaks, IN– “Watch cows deliver their young” in the Birthing Barn. This is a working dairy farm. Interesting stuff…
  • Rockome Gardens– Arcola, IL– An Amish theme park with rock garden decorations, buggy rides and more along with tasty- sounding baked good. Rather than visit here, I’ll stick to visiting Lancaster, PA if I want to visit the Amish.
  • San Francisco Dungeon– SF– “Live actors portray the lighter side of San Francisco’s dark history”.  This might be a fun yet cheesy adults only visit.
  • Enchanted Forest–  Turner, OR– A fairy tale theme park which Yahoo says is more creepy than magical. Sounds pretty interesting if you ask me!

Have you been to any wacky parks that didn’t make this list? If so, please let us know which park and where it is located.

Find out more about America’s Wackiest Theme Parks from Yahoo Travel HERE.

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