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Photo Ban Lifted On White House Tours

White House Tours

I don’t know about you but when I hear that photos aren’t allowed when visiting museums or other attractions it almost makes me not want to visit. For me, getting photos of sites is a fun part of the experience and of course I love to have them to remember what I saw and did.

Some sites might charge a small fee to take photos which I don’t mind so much but no photos at all is annoying… If the reason for photos not being allowed is due to the camera’s flash causing damage then I get it… Continue reading Photo Ban Lifted On White House Tours

White House Replica Being Built In…

white house replica
image from ABC News article

It’s always nice to hear about the U.S. being respected and liked around the world but this doesn’t sound like the smartest plan…

When I think most about pride and respect towards America around the world, Kosovo is the first place that comes to mind. During our visit, we spent some time on Bill Clinton Boulevard and visited a square that has a statue of the former POTUS himself. (A post about our time at Bill Clinton Boulevard is long overdue.) Continue reading White House Replica Being Built In…