Photo Ban Lifted On White House Tours

White House Tours

I don’t know about you but when I hear that photos aren’t allowed when visiting museums or other attractions it almost makes me not want to visit. For me, getting photos of sites is a fun part of the experience and of course I love to have them to remember what I saw and did.

Some sites might charge a small fee to take photos which I don’t mind so much but no photos at all is annoying… If the reason for photos not being allowed is due to the camera’s flash causing damage thenĀ I get it…

Today the White House lifted a 40 year ban on taking photos during public tours.

The White House is asking visitors to share their photos on Twitter using #WhiteHouseTour.

White House Tours

Michelle Obama even posted a short video on Instagram annoucing the new policy. You can check out the video here.

According to Business Insider, the White House “did not give a reason for the policy change but added some cameras and accessories such as so-called selfie sticks would still be prohibited”.

I’m glad to hear of this photo ban being lifted but it’s also great to hear that selfie sticks will not be allowed. It seems like the White House and Disney are on the same page when it comes to the device.

Does the photo ban being lifted make you want to go and visit the White House? Next time I happen to be in DC, I’d like to.

Find out more from Business Insider here.

(Images in post: screen captures from Instagram @MichelleObama)

2 thoughts on “Photo Ban Lifted On White House Tours

  1. I went to a visit with my brother and friends in 2011. I took a look at my phone to see what time it was and they asked me to show every photo I on the phone! Lol they were very nice and apologetic about it though.

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