See What The TSA Found Now!

a green and blue signThe TSA is hard at work trying to make sure that our airports are safe. They like to share some of the interesting and illegal things that get discovered each week on their blog.

I’m always fascinated by the crazy things people try to sneak past the TSA in their carry-ons. I’d assume that sometimes it is an honest mistake but most times it is probably not.

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I was checking out the TSA Blog over the weekend and didn’t notice many interesting finds at first. They had their fair share of guns, grenades, credit card knives and other illegal weapons discovered.

However, there was one item that I couldn’t stop thinking about, the Stun Cane!

a close-up of a metal tubeCould you imagine someone using this crazy device?

I’m not sure if this is the exact stun cane or not but if you’re interested in purchasing one, Amazon happens to offer the Zap Cane Stun Gun & Flashlight. Just remember, don’t take it to the airport!

Here is a Youtube video about the Zap Cane:

Find out about more of what the TSA found last week on their blog here.

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