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Regional Foods That Need To Be Everywhere

a hand holding a burger
Jucy Lucy- Matt’s Bar

While traveling around the U.S. (and the world) we love to seek out and try or should I say taste the local eats.

When I think of local foods, here are a few that come to mind- Pizza in New York, Chicago & Connecticut, Cheesesteaks in Philadelphia, Lobster Rolls in New England (especially Maine & Connecticut) and Muffulettas & Po’ Boys in New Orleans just to name a few.

During our trip to South Dakota I found a food that is pretty much only known within the state called Chislic which you can read about here. We also tried out Johnny Cakes in Rhode Island. While they aren’t only found in RI, I haven’t seen JCs on a menu anywhere else that I’ve been. Check out my post about them here.

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