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Can This Solve The Middle Seat Problem?

Middle Seat
image: screen capture- Youtube, Molon Labe Designs

Coach seats have been getting tighter and tighter over the years making it increasingly more uncomfortable during flights.

The wide majority of our flights are in coach and I have to say that the loss of space hasn’t been nearly as big of a deal as those awful slimline seats many planes now use.

Considering that we usually fly as a family of three (and one of us is a toddler), we have a little bit of extra room for our things, although it really isn’t much! The one thing that we don’t worry much about at the moment, is who sits in the middle seat. Currently, Lucas takes the window, I take the aisle and Kim gets to sit between two very good-looking guys when sitting in the middle seat! See, the middle seat does have its advantages in some instances! 🙂 Continue reading Can This Solve The Middle Seat Problem?